Renewable oils for bio-based chemicals

Abstract 146

Timothy Dummer,
Department of Fuels and Chemicals, Solazyme, Inc., South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

Solazyme is a renewable oil and bioproducts company, harnessing the power of microalgae to produce clean and scalable oils for four key markets: fuels, chemicals, nutrition and skin and personal care.

Well beyond proof-of-concept, Solazyme is entering into a commercial phase, producing hundreds of thousands of liters of algal oil through a proprietary, scalable process that transforms carbohydrate feedstocks into renewable triglyceride oils.

Solazyme's core technology utilizes microalgae to transform carbohydrate feedstocks into fatty acids in the triglyceride form. These triglyceride oils can then be converted through biological or chemical routes to numerous value-added chemicals, such as surfactants, lubricants and polymers in existing industry infrastructure.

Solazyme has developed a valuable, unique and proprietary industry-leading microbial chemicals platform, which exploits designer triglyceride oils as the basis for the next generation of high performance bio-based fluids and green chemicals.

Through partnerships with industry leading chemical companies including Dow and Unilever, Solazyme is proving high value sustainable and renewable products, tailored to specific market needs that are independent of natural oil supply-demand volatility.

In this presentation, we will discuss how and why Solazyme's renewable chemicals platform expands the possibilities for further replacements of petroleum derived oils with renewable, sustainable alternatives.