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I really don't know where to start. Hi! I'm Jonathan and I have been maintaining and updating Quantum Day since 2011.

About a year and a half ago, my seven year old computer started to sputter. I have already replaced the motherboard, and a kind friend has donated his old graphics card to me. This is the main reason my posts for 2014 were few and far between.

But I don't think this will last. It's a miracle it lasted this long.

And that's why I am asking for any help or support towards getting a new computer. Any amount will do. Donations will be going through Paypal through the Paypal Donation button.

I have to be honest though, it's not only I who will be using this computer. My two daughters who are in college will find this helpful as well, especially my youngest who is into art and advertising. To give you a picture, we are a one pc family. All of us do our computer stuff on this one PC.

To be clear, my goal is to get a computer with the following specs:

  • ASUS Sabretooth MK1 Motherboard - it has a 5 year warranty and is a tough board from what I hear
  • Intel I7 Haswell Refresh
  • At least a GTX 770 graphic card and 32 GB RAM- for my daughter's art projects
  • 256 SSD - for the Operating System
  • 4TB Hard drive - For data storage

This setup would be complemented by a premium cooling unit (Noctua), power supply (Seasonic) and casing (Corsair Air). The image below is the closest to the specifications:

The reason for the high specs is at least this "future proofs" the computer to last at least 5 years, just like what I did with my previous computer which has lasted (and still creaking by) for 7 years.

I've checked the amount and its a whopping $2500. I know it's a lot (I live in the Philippines so components are a bit higher here) but slowly with your help, it is reachable.

With the new computer, not only can I get back to my daily passion of releasing the latest science and technology news but it would also help my kids in their educational endeavors

I do appreciate your time and effort in considering this request. Just click on the donate button and help support me in this endeavor.

I do apologize for the awkwardness of this post. I guess after four years of objective science news, its hard to write a personal one, specially one asking for help.

Thank you so much,

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