25 October 2011

Kung Fu Pandas Set to Attack World of Warcraft

It seems that Pandas will now be part a playable race in the MMORPG giant, World of Warcraft.

They have been an in-joke among the players after Blizzard spoofed it as part of a joke on April Fools Day years ago (The Panda Express). Now the lost continent of Pandaria will open its shores to the online game and let World of Warcraft players be part of the Pandaren race.

The fourth expansion will be called Mists of Pandaria and was announced at the BlizzCon annual conference held in Anaheim, California last week.

Video: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria:

It's third expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, seemed to have failed and lost seasoned players complaining of impractical game mechanics and repetitive play style. World of Warcraft has about 10 million players logging in to gather gold and precious powerful gear, kill monsters, and comple quests. Financial reports suggest the game generates about $360m per quarter for Blizzard.

In order to entice game players back and keep its remaining base hooked to the game, Blizzard has proposed a deal which will give a free copy of the forthcoming game Diablo III and a flying mount (Tyrael’s Charger) that players can use with all their WOW characters as long as they commit to play the World of Warcraft for the next year.

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