27 October 2011

Move Over Nicotine Patch. Cigarette Candies Are Coming!

Cigarette smokers who want to quit or want to have an alternative to ease them out of smoking may find that help may be on the way.

From the nicotine patch, it seems we are seeing the emergence of a new tobacco product. The dissolvable tobacco lozenge; cigarette candy! Actually nicotine candy would be the proper term. And these candies are for adults only!

With the public's heightened awareness on the dangers of smoking, strict regulatory guidelines, and a shrinking market, companies are looking for an alternative tobacco product that doesn't require smoking it.And because of laws banning smoking in public places, smokers are discouraged. This results in lower revenues for traditional cigarette companies in the long run.

Revenue for smokeless products grew 11% in 2010. Some companies, like Star Scientific Inc., are even considering the health care component as a way to transition its use away from combustible tobacco products.

Video: Nicotine lozenges

"Star Scientific makes two dissolvable tobacco lozenges, Ariva and Stonewell, which are not subject to Chapter IX of Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act. The company recently lost a bid for a new trial in its patent-infringement case against Reynolds American Inc."
Source: Marketwatch

Star Scientific says that, "researchers from the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina published a study last year arguing that dissolvable tobacco products “led to a significant reduction (40%) in cigarettes per day, no significant increases in total tobacco use, and significant increases in two measures of readiness to quit, either in the next month or within the next 6 months.”

After a wide acceptance of the nicotine patch, a nicotine candy does have more of an appeal because of the active participation of the person in consuming it. It's akin to doing something "with your hands" just like what smoking does. Nicotine patches are more static in the sense that after applying the patch, the wearer does not have to do anything else. It must be noted that hard candies or even gum have been an age old alternative to smoking.

With the advent of products like these, maybe tobacco use will go on the rise again. Except that instead of lighting up, people will be dissolving them down.

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