26 November 2011

The Tech of Storytelling

From cave paintings to words to pictures to images with sound, for knowledge or entertainment, from the cave to the internet, from child to adult; storytelling has always been one of the cornerstones of human culture. The ability to convey a story even out of the most mundane experience. But even storytelling has been touched by technology. The evolution from words to a book to digital technology, for good or for bad, technological advances has given us more ways to telling a story.

Not near a movie but more than reading a book, iPad storyteller Joe Sabia introduces us to Lothar Meggendorfer, who created a bold technology for storytelling: the pop-up book. Sabia shows how new technology has always helped us tell our own stories, from the walls of caves to his own onstage iPad.

As the video shows, even story telling has evolved from simple pictures painted on a cave to using various media to convey what is happening. Watch and see how the art of telling a story has evolved:

Video: Joe Sabia with an iPad storytelling

We still haven't approached the boundaries of story telling. With the rapid advance of technology, it's difficult to really say what tomorrow may bring. But regardless with all this, it all boils down to whether the story is good or not.

Here is a video of Bonafide Rojas. Simple. Just words but powerful:

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