06 December 2011

Whats New @CERN 06 Dec 2011

Anna Cook, Francois Briard and Stephan Petit are back in this 3rd episode of What's New @CERN. This December 2011 episode of What's New @CERN covers data collecting detectors, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), n°3 GRID computing, the NEXT computer where the World Wide Web was born, the Higgs Boson, and much more.

Hundreds of millions of collisions per second -- Detectors collecting data to analyse 24/7 : the LHC and its experiements generate millions of gigabytes of data. The Computing Grid, a huge, worldwide network of computers was invented to manage, process and store these phenomenal volumes of data. How does it work ? Who uses it ? What is its performance since the LHC started up nearly two years ago? What are its other applications outside particle physics ? We're going to review all this with Oliver Keeble, Computing engineer at CERN who works on the computing Grid

The previous November 2011 episode of What's New @CERN can be found here.

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