02 March 2012

Weekend Video: Bikini Calculus: A Fun Way To Learn Calculus

So, take an MIT Nuclear Engineering Graduate and a Playboy model, tell them to wear sexy clothing and talk about calculus and what do you get?

Yep. Bikini Calculus.

Don't be confused. It really is a tutorial on Calculus, albeit different. The tutors are two sexy women in bikinis. And before there are any complaints, Paige earned a master's degree from MIT in Nuclear Engineering. At the time of the video, she is pursuing a PhD and an M.D. in two universities. She has also won two rodeo world championships.

This tongue in cheek video is a fun watch for those who want to relearn or even learn calculus in a different way. Watch the video below.

Video: Jaime and Paige Talk about the Constant Rule

Constant Rule Jaime Lynn & Paige teach the easist way to do it in episode 2 of 12. How-to-Do Girls tackle that notorious freshman weeder class. Playboy model, Jaime Lynn, and MIT Nuclear Engineering Graduate, Paige, use more than the black board to teach that perenial hardcore college subject, calculus. Paige & Jaime Lynn as your math teaching assistant give a whole new meaning to TA. Bikini Calculus is entertainment but its also a real calculus tutorial. As a tutorial it helps students understand and remember the basic rules of calculus. Each rule is presented with a memory association. Remembering the rules help you get started but you still need to practice to become good at doing it.

Video: An Introduction to Bikini Calculus

In Intro to Bikini Calculus Jaime Lynn gives calculus help introducing the basic principals in this tutorial. Girls in bikinis + calculus? See for yourself.


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