22 April 2012

Weekend Video - The Mysterious Origins of Man: Forbidden Archeology

Australopithecus africanus from Taung, replica
Before the History Channel's successful and widely popular Ancient Aliens series, there was this, The Mysterious Origins of Man.

The video looks into other possible explanations on the evolution of man, much like Ancient Aliens. Even a very young David Hatcher Childress of Ancient Aliens is here in the video. Tens of pounds lighter and without the beard, we get to see how his fascination with ancient UFO theory in full bloom.

Hosted by Charlton Heston, the film delves deep into archaeological digs and finds proof of how human evolution, the rise of early civilizations and UFO aliens and extraterrestrials tie in together.

The creators of the Emmy Award Winning Mystery of the Sphinx present a revolutionary new film that examines one of our greatest mysteries: Man's origins. This film challenges what we are being taught about human evolution and the rise of early civilization. A new breed of scientific investigators present startling evidence that the academic community has quietly ignored.

Video: The Mysterious Origins of Man (Full Video)

Includes the facts about this amazing mystery and a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with researchers, scientists, and the best known, most credible authorities in the world today.

It's Indiana Jones meets The X-Files in this intriguing program that tackles the age-old question "Where did we come from?" Fascinating viewing! Highly recommended! - Michael Rogers, "Library Journal"


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