06 May 2012

WEEKEND VIDEO Alternative 4: The Transhuman Invasion - When Will Robots Rule The World?

This is another video from UFOTV. A real interesting conspiracy theory and as such, must be taken with a grain of salt or an open mind depending on ones' mindset. Still, it's fun and interesting to watch.

Alternative 4: The Transhuman Invasion deals with the theory that artificial intelligence and robots will ultimately make humans obsolete and will become the dominant inhabitants of the planet Earth.

This premise have been covered in movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, I, Robot, The Matrix series, and The Terminator series. Alternative 4 looks at programs that seem to guide civilization in total dependence on machines.

Even now, with the advent of Facebook, smartphones, and the Internet, people are now more dependent on automated systems than in manual labor. According to the movie, a symposium was held in 1957 about the future of the planet. Recommendations for survival of the species by the scientists were:

Alternative 1. Detonation of nuclear bombs in atmosphere to get rid of pollution.
Alternative 2. Construction of large underground living spaces
Alternative 3. Populate Mars through way stations on the Moon

And what is Alternative 4?

Video: Alternative 4: The Transhuman Invasion (Full Movie)

This program examines A relentless series of programs to refashion the human species to serve the ruling elite's cunning ambitions that has been underway since the time of Charles Darwin. The science of EUGENICS seeks to deliberately control the direction of human evolution following the rule of "Social Darwinism" and "survival of the fittest." Armed now with spectacular advancements in cybernetics, nano-technology, and robotics, this menacing science has spawned the "Age of Transitions", when artificial intelligence will ultimately replace and make obsolete humans as the dominant life-form of planet Earth!


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