02 July 2013

Green Cars: An Infographic On Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

A recent study by MIT reports that despite advances in fuel efficiency technology, it has only produced minor gains in terms of gas mileage. From 1980 to 2006, the average gas mileage of vehicles sold in the United States increased by around 15 percent. A further analysis state that the increase should be at 60%.

With the advent of the lithium-ion battery, electric cars and hybrids, are now becoming a commercial alternative to gas powered vehicles. Smaller and more efficient fuel cells (units of li-ion batteries grouped together), have made these category of vehicles a practical transportation choice.

Coupled with increasing gas prices and environmental concerns, alternative energy vehicles are becoming a viable option. This infographic from Nissan shows how electric and hybrid vehicles can be a viable option for one's private transportation needs. It has details about hybrid and electric car tax credits as well as a general overview on savings from switching to alternative energy from fossil fuels.

Watts Making Cents? Wallet-Friendly Vehicles created by Peoria Nissan


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